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Real Mushrooms are analyzed for medicinal properties

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Real Mushrooms - Lions Mane

About The Product

Real Mushrooms come from China.  China has a rich history of mushroom use and is the birthplace of mushroom cultivation thus it is one of the only places you can obtain pure organic mushroom extracts for supplement use.  Real Mushrooms delivers the best possible medicinal mushroom extracts in their purest form with no carriers or grain fillers.

Real Mushrooms are analyzed for the important medicinal compounds ensuring you have the best possible experience of the unique benefits that medicinal mushrooms have to offer

Client Testimonials

“I use Real Mushrooms to provide additional support to my whole foods protocols. Mushrooms are excellent for assisting in bringing the nervous system and the hormonal system back into balance.”
Danielle Harley
Danielle Harley
“I’ve tested literally thousands of nutrients over the decades. Not more than a small handful have tested as universally positive as the “medicinal mushrooms” supplied by Real Mushrooms.”
Dr. John Manning
Dr. John Manning

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