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Probio CA

About The Product

Viable (live) bacterial strains to help repopulate the gut with good bacteria. Probio CA goes in with two helpers that other probiotics don’t have. They are:
1. An anti-fungal called S. Boulardii – which is really a good and needful form of yeast that is famous for targeting gut balance
2. Enzymes – to dissolve the hard biofilm which grows around the outside of yeast overgrowth

Client Testimonials

“Plexus products, as great as they are, are best utilized as part of a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.”
Dr. James Logan
Dr. James Logan
“It’s not a magic pill, but it definitely is a very powerful tool that can perhaps help you too on your healing journey. Plexus definitely gave me my life back and for that I’ll never stop being grateful, or lose the awe of what a feat that truly was after having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease..”
Megan Christ
Megan Crist

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