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Bodytorc Functional Trainer
Bodytorc Functional Trainer

About The Product

You have the option of the set that comes with the handle and loop in one piece or you can order the trainer that has separate loops that can be used to create a more stable bi-loop.  The single loops also have a sticky line of support to prevent slippage.

On the platform we work with all of these trainers as the option to adjust the length and handles easily ensures smooth transitions between progressions.

Client Testimonials

“ I'm a personal trainer & have used TRXs in gyms with my clients frequently, this suspension set works great and is just as functional and sturdy as an overpriced TRX”
Cassie - FitHappensPT
“Very satisfied with this suspension trainer. It's made with very sturdy webbing and high quality hardware - I imagine it'll serve me well for years.
Some standout features for me: - Packs light and small enough to travel with (although the robust hardware adds to weight) to get a workout in anywhere there's a door or a horizontal bar - my primary use for it”

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