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Allegro 2 Reformer - Springs
Allegro 2 Jumpboard

About The Products

I purchased my first Reformer from Balanced Body over Twenty -Five years ago – the carriage is as smooth today as it was when I first purchase my Clinical Reformer.  Balanced Body offers a diverse selection of Reformers pending what your budget and needs are, the difference is in the cost of the addons.

We chose to film the content for the VT Platform on the Allegro 2 Reformer for it’s visually sleek lines and the bar system.  Having the option to slide the bar effortlessly into a multitude of dynamics allows for the ability to attain the fluid mobilization we look for to support cell health.

Client Testimonials

“Really enjoying my Allegro 2. It is very user friendly!”
Tina Falkner
Tina Falkner
“Of all the equipment I have ever worked on the Allegro 2 is my favorite! You guys really did think of everything to make it the most versatile Reformer yet! I’m in love!”
Jessica Rabbo
Jessica Rabbo

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