Virtual Training

A Holistic approach to Health and Wellness


Online Coaching offers you the ability to self manage or work virtually with us
Our programming includes:

Myofascial Release 
Therapy – Training – Yoga
Mat – Reformer

We also have educational content providing the opportunity to
learn more about the science of Plant Medicine Nutrition including how Mushrooms support health
in addition to the Endocannabinoid System with the use of Cannabis as a tool to support health

Client Information

Motivation is Challenging
To be a part of the solution
we address

Health History

We integrate your
Client Information
Medical History
with Assessments of Range of Motion & Pain Thresholds with medical records you upload and Postural Assessments


We provide audibly guided workouts and live Virtual Coaching of
Myofascial Release
Therapy - Training - Yoga
Mat - Reformer - Springboard

Program Development

Build a program specific to your needs with
Myofascial Release
Therapy - Training - Yoga
Mat - Reformer - Springboard


ECM Education

ECM Education addresses the Extracellular Matrix, Microbiota, Training Protocols with a focus on Fascial Planes and Breathwork, and our Program Development with the VT Platform is reviewed to ensure
you gain the most from the platform

Endocannabinoid System

Our course on the Endocannabinoid System is broken down into the science behind the ECS with an animation and then 9 video lectures with tests at each stage to ensure you walk away with a clear understanding of this complex system that dictates everything we
Feel, Think and Experience in LIFE

Plant Medicine Nutrition

Our Plant Medicine Nutrition creates a framework of understanding how plants support our health through the Cannabimimetic properties they possess.  We take this course one step further with the Fundamentals of Fungi with our Mushrooms segment.  The focus is to draw awareness to how products with these Cannabimimetic properties affect us

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a tool that everybody needs for management of cell health by addressing the mobilization of fluids through the blockages that occur in our individual tissue in response to posture and life experiences 

This course is to assist with the VT Platform ensuring you attain the best results

Suspension Therapy

Suspension Therapy is a tool to correct the movement patterns that cause discomfort while creating new patterns that better serve us as we age
This course is the starting point for
practitioners and coaches who work with individuals managing a soft tissue injury
Suspension Therapy creates the opportunity
to establish functional ranges of motion
without the force of gravity
This course will assist you with our VT Platform
as it will breakdown the progressions
currently in place ensuring you attain a
better understanding of the work 

Suspension Training

Suspension Training is an anywhere anytime workout.  Studio ECM teaches the fundamentals to ensure you build the necessary strength, alignment
and endurance to be successful
Join us  to learn how to apply focused
Breathwork with Movement
for strength conditioning with Suspension

Suspension Yoga

Suspension Yoga works with the poses found in Hatha Yoga and adds the Functional Trainer to assist in stabilization in Ranges of Motion to allow for more effective Breathwork
The VT  Platform experience will present
concepts that have stood the test of time with new dynamics to challenge the individuals management of their Breath as we provide diverse progressions
as well as a modified version of
Sun Salutations
Join us to learn the details behind these poses
to improve your personal practice

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a workout that can be for everybody as we show how to use this work for Just Learning, Beginners and Functional Pilates movers
We provide these three options to address the restrictions in range of motion and building the tolerance to the stress these dynamics create
This content is modified to better work with the progressions we have created for the Virtual Training platform

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer with the Allegro 2 and the new Carbon Fiber footbar from Balanced Body takes your Pilates practice to a whole new level with diverse movement choices as we integrate Suspension Therapy with Pilates
This course content will provide a functional approach that is integrative to all equipment with specific segments that facilitate the addition of Suspension Therapy to traditional Pilates choreography

Pilates Springboard

Pilates Springboard creates the opportunity to bring the Cadillac/Trapeze Table into your home or work with Suspension Therapy, Springs, Push-through Bar and Combinations of these tools for innovative choreography
We teach this content based on the mobility of the individual with a focus on Suspension for Hypomobility and Springs for Hypermobility
Join us in supporting the advancement of this approach first developed by Joseph Pilates


Studio Programming offers you the ability to offer Private Sessions with guidance as you learn, an Open Studio format for clients to use your equipment in your location and classes with the Instructor facilitating the cueing and client guidance of form versus performing the sequences
This ensures the 10,000 reps needed to change a neural pattern are achieved
Our programming includes:

Myofascial Release
Therapy – Training – Yoga
Mat – Reformer

Our educational content ensures your staff learn more about the science of Plant Medicine Nutrition
including how Mushrooms support health in addition to the Endocannabinoid System with the use of
Cannabis as a tool to support health

Studio Programming

This supports the use of the VT Platform virtually or in locations offering this as a service in your location
Education for Staff
Open Studio Services

Coach-Therapist Guided Sessions

We present the visual with a binaural rhythm in the delta wave length to support your cueing of the progressions of Breathwork
Myofascial Release
Suspension Work and Pilates

Program Development

We provide Progressions from Just Learning to Fitness with audible cueing for clients to self manage at your location with or without the
binaural rhythm
This creates the opportunity for Open Studio format


Education of staff is ensured
The Participation Podium provides a means of monitoring completion of content as well as friendly competition
This standardizes service providing a consistent product to consumers

Studio ECM
VT Platform

Your access to the Studio ECM VT Platform will allow you to use this at your location for employee education, sessions with patrons and classes
This could be for one user of if your location has multiple treatment rooms this is available for multiple users under one location
When purchasing choose how many users you wish for your location

Work with US

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VT Platform

We provide an added level of service to you
We provide your company
the opportunity to brand our platform with the services your brand provides with customized designed video content specific to your brand
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